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5 hours ago

N'shei Chabad Newsletter

“I was quite apprehensive about the whole concept of a high school reunion.
Haven’t ⁣facebook, class whatsapp groups and other social media robbed us of our nostalgia and made the need for a reunion obsolete? Wasn’t I already in touch on a regular basis with those friends who I wanted in my life? ⁣
Yet there I was, standing between the past and the future, at the 43-years-later class reunion of my class of 76’. ⁣
I hadn’t seen many of the attendees since we had graduated and scattered off to different corners of the world in search of our lives. Yet most of my classmates were instantly recognizable. Others became recognizable as we talked and old memories loosened and we grew younger...”⁣

In the #nissanissue, Batya Schochet Lisker describes the unexpected joy and nostalgia of her Beis Rivkah Class Reunion.

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The Girl from Dokshitz

Click HERE to read what Binah has to say about the N'shei Chabad Newsletter!

Click here to read what Binah has to say about the N’shei Chabad Newsletter!

We are planning an article about stepparenting in an upcoming issue. Whether you are a stepparent, are married to one, or were raised by one, we would love to hear from you.
Please share your experiences in this survey. We are confident that your honest responses will help others.
Please note that all responses are anonymous.

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Learn more about cell phone addiction here:

Landmark article in Shvat 2019 issue is based on this talk by Rabbi Dr. Yosef Shagalow

“Dear Mirele” was originally published in the N’shei Chabad Newsletter (April 1988) as “A Lifetime of Love.” Teachers brought it into their classrooms, Rabbi Jonathan Sacks read it in a speech. It was reprinted in countless magazines and one book. At Auschwitz, the guide read it aloud. JTV even adapted it into this film!

The Kislev 2018  issue has NCN interviewing Yosef Peysin of Rogers Park Band, whose new album Petersburg contains a beautiful and creative rendition of Oifen Pripitchik. Here’s the Rebbe praising the time-honored custom of Jewish grandmothers rocking babies to sleep with the song Oifen Pripitchik:

Read all about it in the Kislev issue! New initiative by JEM especially for women and girls, click below:

“There is a road: Healthy, happy, religious. And you can’t reverse the order.”  As you can see if you click HERE.

Mrs. Dena Gorkin has a unique sensibleness when it comes to raising teens. We hope readers of the NCN will benefit from that worldview as explained in her interview in the Tishrei 2018 issue.

Click HERE to see pics from a landmark 1976 event where the Rebbe spoke and interacted with wounded soldiers of Israel. 

Click HERE for the hakafos niggun of Reb Levik, the Rebbe’s father. To read about his hakafos that he made with only his wife, the Rebbetzin Chana, in the room, subscribe now!

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