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It’s called the Kiss of Deaf and it’s something we all do; cuddle up a sweet new baby and plop a loving kiss on its ear. But how does that affect a baby’s hearing?
Dr. Levi Reiter, who studied Audiology because of the Rebbe’s advice, shares with Nshei his discoveries on REKS (Reiter’s Ear Kiss Syndrome). Coming in the #kislevissue

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The Girl from Dokshitz

Click HERE to read what Binah has to say about the N'shei Chabad Newsletter!

Click here to read what Binah has to say about the N’shei Chabad Newsletter!
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“Dear Mirele” was originally published in the N’shei Chabad Newsletter (April 1988) as “A Lifetime of Love.” Teachers brought it into their classrooms, Rabbi Jonathan Sacks read it in a speech. It was reprinted in countless magazines and one book. At Auschwitz, the guide read it aloud. JTV even adapted it into this film!

“There is a road: Healthy, happy, religious. And you can’t reverse the order.”  As you can see if you click HERE.

Mrs. Dena Gorkin has a unique sensibleness when it comes to raising teens. We hope readers of the NCN will benefit from that worldview as explained in her interview in the Tishrei 2018 issue.

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In the Shvat 2018 issue, Libby (“Knowing Heart”) addresses the tuition crisis and its connection with having large families. Click here to hear what the Rebbe says about it:

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