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To read the full story of the Mitteler Rebbe’s mysterious dream (briefly mentioned in Rivkah Slonim’s Letter to the Editor, Tishrei 2019 issue), click below and scroll down to Sections 15 and 16.

To hear the Rebbe telling the story, click HERE.  Go to the third sichah; the story begins at 3 minutes.

For the Tishrei 2019 issue, Chaya Shuchat translated an article from Di Yiddish Heim that tells the story of  a succah that seemed it was about to fall. But the Jew sitting in the succah reassured his daughter that it’s been standing for 2,000 years and no winds will blow it now, or ever!

To enjoy Eli Lipsker playing and singing “A Sukkaleh,” click below.

To hear the song, along with some moving Holocaust photos and Kosel photos, click below:

English translation of “A Sukkaleh” by Rabbi Avi Shafran:

sukkaleh, quite small,
Wooden planks for each wall;
Lovingly I stood them upright.
I laid thatch as a ceiling
And now, filled with deep feeling,
I sit in my sukkaleh at night.

A chill wind attacks,
Blowing through the cracks;
The candles, they flicker and yearn.
It’s so strange a thing
That as the Kiddush I sing,
The flames, calmed, now quietly burn.

In comes my daughter,
Bearing hot food and water;
Worry on her face like a pall.
She just stands there shaking
And, her voice nearly breaking,
Says “Tattenyu, the sukkah’s going to fall!”

Dear daughter, don’t fret;
It hasn’t fallen yet.
The sukkah will be fine, understand.
There have been many such fears,
For nigh two thousand years;
Yet the sukkahleh continues to stand.

Click below to read articles by Rabbi Gershon Schusterman, one of the N’shei Chabad Newsletter’s most popular longtime writers and advisors.

“WHOSE MONEY IS IT, ANYWAY?” Hear the story as told by Rabbi Menachem M. Gordon, mashpia of Yeshivah Gedolah of London. Read more on the subject in “Tzippy Remembers When…” in the Tishrei 2019 issue.

Click below to see pics from a landmark 1976 event where the Rebbe spoke and interacted with wounded soldiers of Israel.

Click below for the hakafos niggun of Reb Levik, the Rebbe’s father.


In the Tishrei issue:

Mrs. Devorah Groner’s life story and her advice to her descendants. To read some of the letters she received from the Rebbe, click HERE

Click HERE to hear the sichah that Rabbi Shais Taub discusses in the Tishrei issue. Don’t miss it!
To read all of Rabbi Taub’s articles for the N’shei, click here

Esther Etiquette addresses the benefits of nursing. Besides the many other benefits, nursing is also Hashem’s way of ensuring that each baby gets its needs filled before the next baby comes along. For more on this, click here. (For women only.)

Reb Yochonon Mayers, born in Johannesburg and currently living in Eretz Yisroel, is a Ben Torah Counselor, certified by the Refuah Institute of Israel. Reb Yochonon assisted Rabbi Yehoshua Landau and author Izzy Kalman in reworking the Bullies2Buddies book to be appropriate for Torah-observant readers of all ages

The only solution to phone scams is education. Gabriel Pierre’s phone scam is described in the Tishrei 2019 issue. To see a video of Gabriel in action, click HERE and go to “updates.”

To help Gabriel regain his life savings, click HERE

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Dennis Prager on the Rebbe’s view on college. See our three-part series on this topic in Shvat, Nissan and Tammuz issues. Click HERE to see the articles

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Learn more about cell phone addiction

Landmark article in Shvat 2019 issue is based on this talk by Rabbi Dr. Yosef Shagalow

Click to meet Rabbi Shais Taub, N’shei Chabad Newsletter‘s newest columnist.

Rabbi Shais Taub has spoken to audiences on six continents. He writes a popular weekly column in Ami Magazine and is the author of the bestselling book, G-d of Our Understanding: Jewish Spirituality and Recovery from Addiction as well as several groundbreaking works on Tanya.

“There is a road: Healthy, happy, religious. And you can’t reverse the order.”  Mrs. Dena Gorkin has a unique sensibleness when it comes to raising teens. We hope readers of the NCN will benefit from that worldview as explained in her interview in the Tishrei 2018 issue.

“Dear Mirele” was originally published in the N’shei Chabad Newsletter (April 1988) as “A Lifetime of Love.” Teachers brought it into their classrooms, Rabbi Jonathan Sacks read it in a speech. It was reprinted in countless magazines and one book. At Auschwitz, the guide read it aloud. JTV even adapted it into this film!

The Kislev 2018 issue has NCN interviewing Yosef Peysin of Rogers Park Band, whose new album Petersburg contains a beautiful and creative rendition of Oifen Pripitchik. Here’s the Rebbe praising the time-honored custom of Jewish grandmothers rocking babies to sleep with the song Oifen Pripitchik:

Is the Surrendered Wife a Jewish Wife?

“I truly feel it’s tragic that so many frum wives follow Laura Doyle when they could be using a Torah-based method that has proven life-changing for literally hundreds of frum women…

The Girl from Dokshitz

Sugar, the bitter truth

Sugar, hiding in plain sight

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Click HERE to read what Binah has to say about the N'shei Chabad Newsletter!

Click HERE to read what Binah has to say about the N’shei Chabad Newsletter!