To read the full story of the Mitteler Rebbe’s mysterious dream (briefly mentioned in Rivkah Slonim’s Letter to the Editor, Tishrei 2019 issue), click below and scroll down to Sections 15 and 16.

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For the Tishrei 2019 issue, Chaya Shuchat translated an article from Di Yiddish Heim that tells the story of  a succah that seemed it was about to fall. But the Jew sitting in the succah reassured his daughter that it’s been standing for 2,000 years and no winds will blow it now, or ever!

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English translation of “A Sukkaleh” by Rabbi Avi Shafran:

sukkaleh, quite small,
Wooden planks for each wall;
Lovingly I stood them upright.
I laid thatch as a ceiling
And now, filled with deep feeling,
I sit in my sukkaleh at night.

A chill wind attacks,
Blowing through the cracks;
The candles, they flicker and yearn.
It’s so strange a thing
That as the Kiddush I sing,
The flames, calmed, now quietly burn.

In comes my daughter,
Bearing hot food and water;
Worry on her face like a pall.
She just stands there shaking
And, her voice nearly breaking,
Says “Tattenyu, the sukkah’s going to fall!”

Dear daughter, don’t fret;
It hasn’t fallen yet.
The sukkah will be fine, understand.
There have been many such fears,
For nigh two thousand years;
Yet the sukkahleh continues to stand.

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